I came across your website when I was researching Victoria motorcycles as I believe that an older friend may have one in his shed - in Brisbane, Australia. It has been in storage for the past 40-50 years and is a bit rough around the edges - but from his description, it appears to be a Victoria - which I think would be a little unlikely though...

Were Victoria motorcycles ever shipped to the colonies like larger manufacturers? I'm guessing that as this bike has a magneto and Villiers motor, along with a clutchless 2 speed Albion box, it must be around 1917-20?

Would you, or another of your contacts be able to identify it and possibly date it with this information?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Dave Saunders

Brisbane, Quieensland Australia        



Frame No: 503 9            Albion Gearbox: P178           Villiers Engine:  A3214