Gartloch, Gartcosh, N. B., 24th June, 1911.

Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs, - I have great pleasure in informing you that my 3  " Victoria" is giving me complete satisfaction in every way; in fact, I cannot speak too highly of it. It runs very smoothly and silently, is very fast on the level, and is an excellent hill climber, The machine is very easy to start and control, and is very flexible indeed.

I must congratulate you on having produced a machine which

combines comfort with such a high degree of efficiency.

                 I am, Yours faithfully,

                 (Signed) R. MARSHALL, M.B.


20 Flora Street, Spennymoor, Co. Durham. Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs, - I wish to record my satisfaction with the 3h.p. Victoria" which I purchased from you, and I consider you are to be congratulated on producing such a serviceable mount. I have ridden on all kinds of roads in the counties of Durham, Yorkshire, and Lancashire, and though my machine has a fixed engine I have yet to come across the hill it will not climb which is a great tribute to the excellence of your machine, and it is also surprisingly fast, and I consider it remarkably good value.


I remain, Yours sincerely,

                           B. R. GRAHAM.




Longriggend, March 4th, 1913.

Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,-I beg to state that I purchased one of your motor cycles in March last, and have since covered close on 3000 miles. The machine has been constantly on the road from the day it arrived, and through all weathers, and has never given me a moment's cause to worry. I cannot speak too highly of it, and wish you every success which you richly deserve.



18 Jedburgh Avenue, Rutherglen, 21st :\1 ay, 1913.

Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,-Last summer I got a 3h.p. Victoria Motor Cycle from you. It has done splendidly and given no trouble. I rarely came across a hill that I could not climb with the high gear, so that the use of the low gear was limited mainly to going slowly through crowded thoroughfares. Lately I did 100 miles on three-quarters of a gallon of a mixture of about 12 of petrol to 1 of paraffin. This I think is good running. It is to your credit to have turned out such a fine machine.

Yours faithfully,

                                          (Signed) M. M. BAIRD, B.Sc.


Camphill House, Glasgow, 16th September, 1912.

Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,- The following may be of interest to you. On May 10th, 1912, I bought a 3h.p. motorcycle from you, and after considerable local touring decided to go for a holiday on it. On September 1st I left Glasgow for Wick with sidecar passenger and luggage for 14 days. We had a splendid run up to Wick via Berridale, and after 11 days in Caithness took another road home and came through SutherIandshire. We had no trouble, which I think says a lot for the cycle, considering some of the roads.

I remain, a Satisfied Customer,

                      (Signed) JANIES K. BOWDE , M.I.E.S.


Mahaica East Coast, Demerara, British Guiana.

Messrs. Victoria Motor & Cycle Co., Ltd.

Dear Sirs,-I have bought one of your Motor Cycles and would be thankful if you will forward by return mail copy of your latest catalogue with instructions, tips, etc. for the correct handling of your machine.                                                                                        .

   I might add that this machine was entered in two motor cycle races of 5 and 10 miles and won easily by several laps.

Please say what oil is recommended and oblige,

                               Yours faithfully,

                               G. McLAREN OGLE.





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